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Dektron.12 years experience 9 years service.!

At DEKTRON we are passionately dedicated in electronics that include Cinema -Video -Photography & Telecommunications. 10 years on the front line we use our experience in order to understand the needs of our customers, trying to offer outstanding solutions and services, whether it is an instant electronic patent or a complete integrated system. With respect to the customer we are ready to offer training – technical service, or even just some good advice.

We provide top professional video & broadcast solutions in Greece and Europe, with over thirty exclusive dealerships, severe technical support infrastructure and sales system while maintaining excellent relationships with leading manufacturers such as Panasonic, JVC and SONY.

With over 10 motivated professionals, systems designers – specialized engineers in the technical department and sales engineers in our economic department our work is to constantly update and train our customers to new technologies always in accordance with their needs. Technical support at our premises of the companies we import in parallel with expertise in a wide range of old and new technologies in broadcasting makes as one of the companies with high quality services in this field.

If you are in this market and you need anything from a small service – some small technical advice or even the implementation of a large project. We promise to listen understand and do everything we possibly can to help you. Because it’s what we do every customer is important to us

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The company has more than 30 exclusive delegations and 40 other partner companies with ongoing partnerships with the country’s leading television stations

The three-year period 2008 -2011 will be critical in collaborations with the biggest television studios, production companies and television stations in the country and the company’s cooperation with the Greek Broadcasting network is crucial with participation in a number of open tenders.

A year full of new collaborations Professional Sound -Phonak CommunicationsAG WASP3D-SWIT-KoalaWindsocks-MOVCAM while inaugurated and the new venue Service & technical support company

Companies like Schulze-Brakel & Amita Technologies Inc frame the establishment of the company.


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